Skylantis came out of a Game Design course and has been carried forward into an advanced class by five students: Michael Chugg, Cameron Hughes, Corey Pullman, Andrew Winkler, and Joe Albrethsen.

A quick overview of the game follows:

Title: Skylantis
Genre: Action / Adventure
Description: Gizmo is a robot explorer who travels through the skies of Skylantis, an industrialized world (once a thriving place, but now in ruins) made up of floating
islands. He must build his map, find equipment, and fight mechanized enemies to win the grand prize: a legendary golden cog.
Purpose: The game’s purpose, for the player, is to enjoy the experience of exploring Skylantis as the robot hero Gizmo.

Skylantis is full of thought provoking challenges, puzzles, and battles. Players will also be rewarded as they uncover secrets and find power ups.

As students our purpose for making Skylantis is to fulfill school assignments - but more importantly, to build portfolios and actually release a playable game.

Platform: Windows and Mac
Intended Audience: Ages 5 - 17
Rating: E

We are using this blog to supplement our posts to the ACME Animation site.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Skylantis FaceBook page is now live

Our Skylantis FaceBook page is now live at www.facebook.com/Skylantis Also we are going to be releasing our Kickstarter campaign to obtain funding so we can release our game. We excitedly work hard towards getting this game released.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rock Bot Concept

The Rock Bot is nothing more than a thief. He will not have any attacks other than sneaking on you and snatch your cogs and running off the nearest edge to get away with your hard earned cash. You can damage him enough to knock off his rock shell and be rewarded with extra cash.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Drillbot Textured

There are still some tweaks I need to make on the textures, but its pretty much finished.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Window Room AO Render 01

This is a room I made for Skylantis. This render does not have all the small props that will be used for set dressing such as crates, barrels, pipes, and machinery for conveyor belts.